Offshore Production

The complexity of offshore operations results from a host of factors including geography, hostile climate, and regulatory compliance. The pressure to produce optimally from existing resources and to explore new ones timely & cost effectively has made the offshore plant manager’s job extremely challenging.
BGS’s offshore automation solutions comply with international, national, regional and corporate standards resulting in efficient operations while ensuring the safety of plant, personnel and equipment. The standardization of our engineering & design practices and a strict quality control is the secret recipe to our timely delivery and cost effectiveness..

Onshore Production

In the face of growing energy demand, depleting resources and the end of “easy oil” era, E&P companies worldwide are seeking innovative ways of efficient production across the asset life cycle. On the one hand companies are faced with developing new fields in challenging remote areas, while on the other hand the pressure to sustain production from depleting resources is increasing.
BGS’s automation solutions are the answer to your concerns of revenue maximization, cost minimization and safety of plant, personnel and equipment. BGS’s experience in providing automation and electrical solutions to onshore production facilities have evolved over the years through successful implementations worldwide.

Oil Pipeline, Bulk Storage & Pumping

Operating a pipeline network safely and reliably is an enormous task that is getting more and more complex each day. The length of the pipeline system and the varied nature of geographical terrain add to the challenge faced by distribution companies. Investment to ensure compliance to heightened regulatory standards is increasing and in order to maintain sustained profitability the pressure to operate reliability and optimally has become immense.
BGS’s pipeline, bulk storage and pumping automation solutions are designed as response to the aforementioned challenges. Our telemetry/ SCADA, electrical, control and instrumentation designs guarantee maximum reliability and availability of your system in the toughest operating scenarios.  Whether a new system has to be setup or expansion & modification to existing installed base are required our vast experience enables us to deliver standard end-to-end automation solutions that are customized to your specific needs.