Energy Generation Solutions

BGS provide various energy generation solutions based on the customer requirements, environment conditions. Dual Fuel Micro turbines, Diesel Generators, Grid tie and Off Grid Solar Cells & Wind Firms are some of services which we can design, procure, and install for customers.

Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving solutions and emergency energy systems is a one of the key activities of BGS. Providing UGS and Modular UPS for “mission critical” applications like Banks, Hospitals, Data Centers, Telecoms and Control centers .The Powerbridge is a battery-free alternative for DC energy supply in a BGS offered UPS system. The highly reliable, easily maintainable Powerbridge is an environmentally clean source of backup power.
Also Common batteries, both sealed and flooded, are a widely utilized source of back up energy storage for BGS power systems. Solutions can include battery cabinets. BGS offers comprehensive monitoring and maintenance to assure reliable battery operation and to prolong their life. Services are turnkey, including removal, installation, testing and reporting.

DC Power Solutions till 8000 A

BGS specializes in the design, Procure and engineering of premium quality DC power solutions for used in broadband, telecom, AC/UPS, commercial, industrial, and distributed generation systems.

Power Quality Solutions

BGS provide advice to potential customers on Power Factor Correction applications and Requirements to ensure problems are avoided and projects are completed cost effectively without jeopardizing reliability which optimize reductions in customers’ electricity costs, and reduces supply loading.


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Energy is a vital input into all sectors of the economy. As well as supplying the power on which industry and households depend, the production and supply of energy provides employment, investment and export opportunities.